Our Staff

The clinical staff members at the Center for Human Development are licensed professionals with training in a mental health field. Each therapist is experienced and committed to high standards of professional practice within a solid values system. Let us know how we can be of service to you, your family, or your organization.


  • Lee Webster

    Lee Webster

    "I am honored that so many people have allowed me to join with them in their life's journey. It is tremendously rewarding to see the growth and healing that comes in the counseling process."

  • Barb Webster

    Barb Webster

    "I am humbled to know that I have been able to apply the counseling skills that I have learned to help others change, heal and experience more positive and productive lives."

  • Suzanne Grim

    Suzanne Grim

    "I am committed to providing personalized care to address the unique needs of each individual or couple I work with and providing proven and effective interventions for change."

  • Corina Helgestad

    Corina Helgestad

    "One of the best aspects of my life is helping others succeed in theirs."

  • Anthony (Tony) LaMouria

    Anthony (Tony) LaMouria

    "I view therapy as a tool that allows me to help another human being discover truth about themselves and their life-systems, in such a way that they become empowered to experience fulfillment in life."

  • Erin Morgan

    Erin Morgan

    "Counseling others gives me the opportunity to walk alongside them, teaching and supporting them as they learn to overcome challenges they face; cultivate the peace and joy of growing through hardships."

  • Dawn Schroeder

    Dawn Schroeder

    "My life mission is to encourage, illuminate, and inspire freedom to the brokenhearted. I enjoy helping people heal through the counseling process and coaching them to embrace life's fullest potential."

  • Lori Kostecki Support Staff

    Lori Kostecki

    "I enjoy the opportunity to speak with a variety of people in person and over the phone in order to assist them with setting appointments and other needs they may have."

  • Donna Specht Support Staff

    Donna Specht

    “Kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive customer service experience.” This quote from Shep Hyken, inspires me to interact with CHD clients, office staff, and management treating them how I would like to be treated. As Insurance Specialist / Administrative Assistant here at CHD, clients can always count on me to explain insurance matters clearly to them and my understanding of the administrative staff and therapists' needs definitely help the office run smoothly and efficiently. "